Friday, May 31, 2013

Painting Inspired 4

The Great Day of His Wrath, John Martin, 1851

The world's loud anger will pass.
Elements will forgive
And we'll make love again.

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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Untied 7

Shaken certitudes. Blurry winks. Dripping dichotomy. Glistening doubts. Golden ego. Holes. Numb dreams. Flashing screens. Broken seat belt. Cold interactions. Slow violence. Buzzing neon. Solitude. Creeping fears. Chipped plate. Ash stained shoes. Burning edge. Poisonous steps. Loud beat. Confusion. Peppery taste. Tight jaws. Absence. Empty illusion. Heavy mirrors. Crushed bugs. Oil puddles. Wet matches.

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Wind (and Him)

Slowly woken up
By the changing light in the room
And the sound of a vivid wind,

The man I love
Still full of dreams
Lying beside me,

I look through the window
At blurry and moving trees,
And small white waves on gray water.

Branches and leaves
Paint a palette of greens.
Luminous impressionism.

The wind,
Now stronger,
Anchors the present
Deeply into my ever-marveling soul.

I turn towards
The wonderful human being
I belong to.
He opens his smiling eyes 
Green gray.
They contain everything I see
And everything I am.

I put my hand on his warm forehead.
The wind sings louder.

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