Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Desire

Oneness in love,
Flesh and thoughts,
Touches the essence of desire,
Waters it with colors
Until it invades my core,
Makes my Self conscious
Of the half I'm missing,
And need,
This other body my soul recognizes
As being where I belong.

Desire sings his name.

It is unfragmented,
Deeply physical,
Dizzily poetic.

It burns in me the need
Of finding myself
In that secure, warm and real
Place of vulnerability
And truth
And offering.


My perception shifts,
Desire blinds me,
My thoughts start a conversation
With my body.
Reasoning is silenced.
My mind does not understand anything
As being more important
Than expressing love
With the matter I'm made of,
My spirit in its shell,
The shell itself.

There is no place for hiding.
The naked Self
Does not lie.
It can be opened
Without resistance.
No trace of the ego.

In selflessness
Lies the desire,
Pleasure and fulfillment
That the most dogmatic God
Would celebrate.

Like creation,
Desire is sudden and loud.

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