Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Universe

Those giant, slow, moving,
Loving celestial bodies.
Stars forming, others dying,
Their persistent light
Travelling for years
To feed our wishes.

Planets dance

The cosmos,
In its perfect pace and order
Is overwhelmingly abundant.

It owns the secret
Of time,
And space,
And life,
Whispers it into the darkness
And infinity.

My mind is the size
Of a pebble.
It can not seize
The vastness and
Immensity and
Of the Universe.

It only has the intuition
Of its beauty
And majesty.

I try to expand
My consciousness of it,
Step back enough
To bring my arms around it
And embrace it,
Contain it.
I try hard
And fail.

It is beyond
My human imagination
That I thought limitless.

So I just
Accept my littleness,
And in that humbleness
And awe
Feel vast,
Feel loved,

And remember
I am made of stardust.

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