Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Scar

My joyful friend,
What have you done?

You were my Pinocchio,
Wanting to be a real little boy,
Thinking you were my brother,
That fighting was ok.

They should have told you
You were our dog.

Sometimes I wonder
How life was
Through your expressive
French bulldog eyes.
You seemed trapped
In your small furry body.

I can not forget you
Because every day
I look at what you left me.
A little λ shaped scar
On my upper lip.

It was a sunny day
At the country house.
A cow had stepped
On your little paw.
I didn't know it,
Sat down next you
On the warm stone steps,
And stroke you.
You tried to kiss me
Is what I told my friends
That year.
What were you doing
Chasing cows

The scarred memory

Fifteen years later
I still remember you
With love
And hope you're in a place
Where you can
Eat comic books
Without consequences.

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