Sunday, March 3, 2013

Untied 3

The woman behind the cash register
Is spitting out sootballs every two minutes.
They're all over the counter.
It upsets customers.
She doesn't give the slightest damn.
She smokes cigarettes she keeps in her back pocket
And sits on.
They're bent.
She cuts the filter off with her teeth.
She has a third eye in the back of her head
That allows her to watch reality TV shows
On the small color-saturated television hanging on the wall behind her.
Along with a new sootball, she spits out "stupid Chinese"
When the American guy whose grandparents are Vietnamese
Comes in to buy his model cars magazine
And keeps the fridge door open while picking his beer.
There's a grass-snake living in her hair.
She burns it with her cigarette each time it slides down her neck.
The gossips she reads all day play on repeat in her plastic head like a pop song.
She shakes her head and the ashes off the cigarette butt stuck to her bottom lip.
"Spoiled bitch. Hope he dumps her ass."
A kid comes in,
Five dollars in his pocket and a Nike cap on.
He takes out a fake cowboy gun,
Points it at her.
She looks up at him,
Gives him a badly pink-lipsticked smile
And before he has the chance to say bang,
She forms a finger gun with her tobacco-smelling hand
And shoots herself in the head.


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    1. I definitely will participate! Thank you Mary for the reminder.