Sunday, April 21, 2013

Painting Inspired 2

Forma negra sobre quadrat gris, Antoni Tàpies, 1960

Dust off your human nature,
It's time.
If negativity clouds your truth,
Rest your head on my shoulder,
Let me play with your hair,
Maybe it will go away.

If it doesn't,
We'll make a big fire,
Sleep around it for days
Until your smile is real again
And your hands warmer.

I won't ask questions,
Won't step on your darkness
But I'll put a firefly in your breast pocket,
Just in case one day
You need light.

That day,
You will look around for a while,
Walk on puddles of sadness,
Anger dripping from your clenched fist.
Then in despair
You will put a hand on your heart
And realize
You had light all along.

Dust off your human nature,
It's time.

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