Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Distance

Five thousand
Six hundred
And fifty two miles
Separate me from him.

My night is his day,
Our skies are different.
I witness his morning
And smile at his bed hair
While the moon slowly rises
In my courtyard.

I hear what he would say
About that tree,
About that painting,
About that shadow,
If he were beside me.

He always is.
The void of his absence
Whose expansion I feared
Got filled,
With his undeniable
And omniscient presence.

The vast land
And the deep ocean
Between us
When he reaches my soul
With three words.

I experience my life
Through the filter
Of his existence.
It has colors
I have never seen before.

My mind can't comprehend
How far he is
And how close he feels.
Distance does not alter,
Affect or change
The us we became.

I'm not alone anymore.

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